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  • CD metal death-metal rock UNLEASHED

    CD metal death-metal rock UNLEASHED

    Death metal svedese UNLEASHED WARRIOR CD originale 1997 Germany Limited edition digipak rimasto in eccellente stato COSTI SPEDIZIONE 7 EURO PER INFORMAZIONI 3394792679 NIENTE SMS


    13 ottobre, 00:59

    24 €

  • Cd hard rock metal aor thrash death

    Cd hard rock metal aor thrash death

    Ecco alcuni cd in vendita, tutti rigorosamente originali e in ottime o buone condizioni generali generi hard rock metal in tutte le loro forme (aor, thash progressive ecc) prezzi vari, in mezzo anche grandi rarita' (questi solo l'1 % del catalogo) Smelly Boggs - S/t (nuovo sigillato) Sleazy Lee - Mass seduction Seventh Veil - White trash attitude (nuovo sigillato) Skull Daze - S/t (nuovo sigillato) Vanadium - Nel cuore del caos Sha-Boom - The Race Is On Ian Gillan - Naked Thunder Boston - Walk On Angra - Holy Land Nicklebag - 12 Hits And A Bump Mercyful Fate - 9 Afterworld - Dark Side Of Mind Mecca - S/t Michael Kiske - Instant Clarity Iron Maiden - Rock In Rio (2xCD) Poison - Native Tongue Héroes Del Silencio - El Espíritu Del Vino Gamalon - Aerial View Deris - Done By Mirrors Bullet Boys - Za-Za Valensia - The Blue Album Mob Rules - Among The Gods Bakers Pink - Bakers Pink Eidolon - Nightmare World David Lee Roth - Diamond Dave Luca Turilli - King Of The Nordic Twilight Bangalore Choir - Metaphor (nuovo sigillato) Black Deal - Escape (nuovo sigillato) Crying Steel - The steel is back (nuovo sigillato) Cortina De Ferro - Temple of the darkness Danger Angel - Revolutia Dark Quarterer - S/t 1984 (with rare bonus tracks) Exister - Get your money (very rare thrash metal cd ep) High Tension - Best of Prophet - Recycled (1st press) Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory Rough Silk - Wheels Of Time (2xCD) Romeo's Daughter - Delectable Aldo Nova - Blood On The Bricks Legacy - S/t (Eonian records) (nuovo sigillato) Moxy - 40 Years and still riding high Motorfingers - Black mirror Nelson - Before the rain (nuovo sigillato) Queensrÿche - Hear In The Now Frontier Perpetual Fire - Endless world Prisoner - See the scars Shy - Unfinished business (nuovo sigillato) Virtuocity - Secret Visions Ten - Babylon Warlock - Triumph And Agony Paul Laine - Can't get enuff Ken Tamplin - We The People Secret Sphere - Scent Of Human Desire Iron Savior - Dark Assault Manowar - Kings Of Metal Strangeways - S/t Tesla - Psychotic Supper Twilight Guardians - Wasteland (nuovo sigillato) Flyte - Flyte Last Warning - Throughout Time (nuovo sigillato) Xyz - Take what you can live Velvet Viper - The 4th Quest for Fantasy Gotthard - D Frosted Feanor - Invencible Decrepit Birth - ...And Time Begins Nasty Idols - Kalifornia Hangman Jury - Who do u think u r Blind Guardian - Tales From The Twilight World Rick Springfield - Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance Asperity - The Final Demand (nuovo sigillato) Girls Under Glass - Zyklus Eva - The one (italian Aor) Death Machine - Death Machine Maineeaxe* - Going For Gold Marchello - Destiny (1st press!) Mark Free - Long Way From Love e moltissimi altri


    6 ottobre, 18:38

    10 €

  • Nuovi arrivi rarita' hard rock metal aor black death metal

    Nuovi arrivi rarita' hard rock metal aor black death metal

    Ecco tantissimi nuovi arrivi da collezione!....1st press assolute, limited e anche cd nuovi sigillati!....tutto materiale eccellente! aggiornamento di Ottobre 2014 in catalogo naturalmente abbbiamo altri circa 32000 cd rarissimi...tutti dall' aor al metal estremo ARCH RIVAL - In the face of danger KREATOR - Horder of chaos (limited edition+bonus cd+poster+sticker+p2ND booklet) CRIMINAL SIDE - Slaves of time NASTY WHORE - Get on your knees STEEL ENGRAVED - On high wings we fly ETECC - Volition TORMENT - The damage is done SINISTER SHADOW - Skydriver INVERNO - S/t H.o.S. - The beginning GEHENNA - malice GORGOROTH - Derbstlend ON THORNS I LAY - Crystal tears WITHIN TEMPTATION - Enter POISON - look what draggen... OPHTALAMIA - A Long Journey ODHINN - From a splendorous.. SADNESS - Danteferno DHAMM - S/t ICYCORE - Altered feelings OPUS MALEFICI - Obscure thoughts NON COMPOS MENTIS - Profound BETULARIA - La stanza di ardesia SAVATAGE - Gutter ballet ON THORNS I LAY - Orama (limited edition digipack 1st press) NASTROND - Age Of Fire AS DIVINE GRACE - Lumo SATYRICON - Nemesis W.A.S.P. - Helldorado GOTTHARD - G L.A.GUNS - Coacked & loaded FIREHOUSE - S/t CHILDREN OF BODOM - Hatebreeder NEVERMORE - Dreaming neon black INCANTATION - Forsaken morning of angelic anguish TRAIL OF TEARS -Disclosure in Red FIREHOUSE - Hold your fire CARPATHIAN FOREST - Black shining leather VAN HALEN - S/t JUDAS PRIEST - Sad wings of destiny VAN HALEN - 1984 METALLICA - S/t WICKED INNOCENCE - Worship BLOOD STORM The Atlantean Wardragon STILLE VOLK - Hantaoma MY DYING BRIDE - Angel & the dark river CINDERELLA - Night songs OPETH - My Arms, your hearse AMORPHIS - Tuonela (LIMITED DIGIPACK) THUNDER - GIving the game away ALL ENDS - S/t (LIMITED EDITION DIGIPACK CD + DVD) GIRL UNDER GLASS - Zyklus INTERNECINE - The book of lambs SOULSEEKER - S/t SONIC SYNDACATE - Only inhuman (NEW SEALED + SLIPCASE) SONIC SYNDACATE - Eden fire (NEW SEALED) SHAM RAIN - Empty world MY CRADING - No mercy for broken... JESUS ON EXTASY - No gods (NEW SEALED) CHRIS LANEY - Only come out at night (NEW SEALED) KEN TAMPLIN - An axe to the grind/Soul survivor KISS - Dynasty (reissue) ECNEPHIAS - Ways of descention KRYPTERIA - S/t (NEW SEALED + SLIPCASE) KRYPTERIA - In media res (NEW SEALED + BONUS TRACKS) MYSTIC PROPHECY - Regressus (limited edition digipack) MYSTIC PROPHECY - Satanic curses MYSTIC PROPHECY - Never ending DISBELIEF - S/t + Infected (LIMITED EDITION 2 CD) SVARTSOT - Ravenes saga (digipack - new sealed) RAIN PAINT - Nihil nisi mors (LIMITED EDITION DIGIPACK - NEW SEALED) ANGEL HOUSE - The gun the love and the cross WOSLOM - Time to rise PRIPJAT - Sons of tschernobyl REAPTOR - Mind SEPTEM - S/t ABINAYA - corps TERROR BLADE - Of malice and evil PHAENOMENA - The praise of madness WALPURGIS NIGHT - Under the moonlight RAGE OF SOUTH - I see, I say, I hear FATAL IMPACT - Esoteria SONS OF SEASONS - Gods of vermin BAD MORE ENDING - Theory of endless sacrifice STRATEGY OF TENSION - S/t NEPTUNE - Acts of supremacy


    6 ottobre, 18:37

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  • Misfits Nirvana Napalm Death Megadeth rock punk metal T-shirt

    Misfits Nirvana Napalm Death Megadeth rock punk metal T-shirt

    Magliette musicali usate anni 90 TUTTE ASSIEME oppure SEPARATE SPESE POSTALI : 1-2 maglie : euro 7,50 da 3 maglie in su : euro 10 PER CONTATTI : NIENTE sms perfavore . 1. NAPALM DEATH Fear Emptiness Despair by Empire originale maniche tagliate Taglia XL Euro 200 . 2. LITFIBA Terremoto Tour by Elephant Beer originale rimasta perfetta Taglia L Euro 75 . 3. THE MISFITS It Started As A Twisted Dream... And Ended With The World In Heat non ufficiale qualche strappo e scoloritura Taglia XL Euro 100 . 4. TAAKE Ulvhedin Høst non ufficiale foto sbiadita Taglia L Euro 75 . 5. LYNYRD SKYNYRD by Fruit Of The Loom originale rimasta perfetta Taglia L Euro 55 . 6. NIRVANA Corporate Rock Whores by Musiclock originale rimasta perfetta Taglia M ma calza come una L Euro 150 . 7. MURDER IN LOVE fac-simile della maglietta che Nick Menza aveva in Rust In Peace ( Megadeth ) non ufficiale rimasta perfetta Taglia L Euro 135


    5 ottobre, 23:14

    650 €

  • Musicassette Heavy Metal, Thrash, Death, Hard Rock

    Musicassette Heavy Metal, Thrash, Death, Hard Rock

    Vendo la mia collezione privata di musicassette originali Metal, Hard Rock, etc. Richiedi la lista con prezzi e tanti altri titoli, come demo tapes e CDs originali. I prezzi partono da circa 3 euro a salire.


    5 ottobre, 21:10

    3 €

  • CD Death, Black, Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, Punk, Indie, etc.

    CD Death, Black, Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, Punk, Indie, etc.

    Sto vendendo la mia collezione. Oltre 1.500 CDs, cassette e demotapes Metal (Thrash, Black, Death, Heavy, Doom, Nu Metal....), Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk, Hatdcore, Indie, Rock, Dark, New wave,etc. Richiedimi la lista... i prezzi partono da poco più di 2,00 euro. Tutti i titoli sono originali.


    29 settembre, 14:49

    2 €

  • Dischi CD metal death-metal rock UNLEASHED

    Dischi CD metal death-metal rock UNLEASHED

    Dischi CD metal death-metal rock UNLEASHED Capolavoro Deathmetal svedese UNLEASHED WARRIOR CD originale LIMITED EDITION made in Germany 1997 rimasto in OTTIMO stato conservativo. Spese Spedizione 6 euro Per informazioni e contatti 3394792679


    7 settembre, 23:56

    32 €

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  • Death black goth metal rock blues glam thrash punk

    Death black goth metal rock blues glam thrash punk

    100% FUNK ACID JAZZ vol.98 ALICE COOPER A.M.P. Vasco Rossi 100% cover B.B. KING Kansas City 1972 BON JOVI slippery when wet BURZUM Draugen Rarities ( CD + DVD ) CHRISTIAN DEATH pornographic Messiah HOWLIN WOLF London sessions IVAN CATTANEO il meglio JOHN COLTRANE man made miles LEGS DIAMOND out on bail / land of the gun MAYHEM de mysteriis dom Sathanas MEAT LOAF bat out of Hell 2 MONKEY FACES catastrophe MUSE showbiz NUMA al di là del bene e del male PENTAGRAM Anatolia QUEENSRYCHE mindcrime RISINGMOON they are as us SADNESS danteferno STEVE VAI - Passion And Warfare - The Ultra Zone THE YARDBIRDS blue eyed blues THYRANE black harmony UNLEASHED warrior VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR first generation VASARIA VIRGIN STEEL noble savage WHITE LION Fight To Survive . NO MESSAGGI DI CELLULARE PER TRATTATIVE TELEFONARE A VOCE


    12 ottobre, 11:38

    400 €

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