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Metal aor black in Libri, Film e Musica

  • Nuovi arrivi rarita' hard rock metal aor black death metal

    Nuovi arrivi rarita' hard rock metal aor black death metal

    Ecco tantissimi nuovi arrivi da collezione!....1st press assolute, limited e anche cd nuovi sigillati!....tutto materiale eccellente! aggiornamento di Ottobre 2014 in catalogo naturalmente abbbiamo altri circa 32000 cd rarissimi...tutti dall' aor al metal estremo ARCH RIVAL - In the face of danger KREATOR - Horder of chaos (limited edition+bonus cd+poster+sticker+p2ND booklet) CRIMINAL SIDE - Slaves of time NASTY WHORE - Get on your knees STEEL ENGRAVED - On high wings we fly ETECC - Volition TORMENT - The damage is done SINISTER SHADOW - Skydriver INVERNO - S/t H.o.S. - The beginning GEHENNA - malice GORGOROTH - Derbstlend ON THORNS I LAY - Crystal tears WITHIN TEMPTATION - Enter POISON - look what draggen... OPHTALAMIA - A Long Journey ODHINN - From a splendorous.. SADNESS - Danteferno DHAMM - S/t ICYCORE - Altered feelings OPUS MALEFICI - Obscure thoughts NON COMPOS MENTIS - Profound BETULARIA - La stanza di ardesia SAVATAGE - Gutter ballet ON THORNS I LAY - Orama (limited edition digipack 1st press) NASTROND - Age Of Fire AS DIVINE GRACE - Lumo SATYRICON - Nemesis W.A.S.P. - Helldorado GOTTHARD - G L.A.GUNS - Coacked & loaded FIREHOUSE - S/t CHILDREN OF BODOM - Hatebreeder NEVERMORE - Dreaming neon black INCANTATION - Forsaken morning of angelic anguish TRAIL OF TEARS -Disclosure in Red FIREHOUSE - Hold your fire CARPATHIAN FOREST - Black shining leather VAN HALEN - S/t JUDAS PRIEST - Sad wings of destiny VAN HALEN - 1984 METALLICA - S/t WICKED INNOCENCE - Worship BLOOD STORM The Atlantean Wardragon STILLE VOLK - Hantaoma MY DYING BRIDE - Angel & the dark river CINDERELLA - Night songs OPETH - My Arms, your hearse AMORPHIS - Tuonela (LIMITED DIGIPACK) THUNDER - GIving the game away ALL ENDS - S/t (LIMITED EDITION DIGIPACK CD + DVD) GIRL UNDER GLASS - Zyklus INTERNECINE - The book of lambs SOULSEEKER - S/t SONIC SYNDACATE - Only inhuman (NEW SEALED + SLIPCASE) SONIC SYNDACATE - Eden fire (NEW SEALED) SHAM RAIN - Empty world MY CRADING - No mercy for broken... JESUS ON EXTASY - No gods (NEW SEALED) CHRIS LANEY - Only come out at night (NEW SEALED) KEN TAMPLIN - An axe to the grind/Soul survivor KISS - Dynasty (reissue) ECNEPHIAS - Ways of descention KRYPTERIA - S/t (NEW SEALED + SLIPCASE) KRYPTERIA - In media res (NEW SEALED + BONUS TRACKS) MYSTIC PROPHECY - Regressus (limited edition digipack) MYSTIC PROPHECY - Satanic curses MYSTIC PROPHECY - Never ending DISBELIEF - S/t + Infected (LIMITED EDITION 2 CD) SVARTSOT - Ravenes saga (digipack - new sealed) RAIN PAINT - Nihil nisi mors (LIMITED EDITION DIGIPACK - NEW SEALED) ANGEL HOUSE - The gun the love and the cross WOSLOM - Time to rise PRIPJAT - Sons of tschernobyl REAPTOR - Mind SEPTEM - S/t ABINAYA - corps TERROR BLADE - Of malice and evil PHAENOMENA - The praise of madness WALPURGIS NIGHT - Under the moonlight RAGE OF SOUTH - I see, I say, I hear FATAL IMPACT - Esoteria SONS OF SEASONS - Gods of vermin BAD MORE ENDING - Theory of endless sacrifice STRATEGY OF TENSION - S/t NEPTUNE - Acts of supremacy


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