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Lotto cd metal in Libri, Film e Musica

  • Lotto 31 cd metal/rock originali

    Lotto 31 cd metal/rock originali

    Si accettano offerte per l'intero lotto oppure per i singoli cd. Preferibile ritiro a mano su Modena e provincia, ma posso spedire. 1. Alter Bridge â€" AB III 2. Cradle of filth â€" Bitter suites to succubi 3. Cradle of filth â€" Cruelty and the beast (special edition) 4. Dio â€" Intermission 5. Dio â€" The collection 6. Emperor â€" IX Equilibrium 7. Exodus â€" Tempo of the damned 8. Korn â€" The Essential 9. Lacuna Coil â€" Comalies 10. Marilyn Manson â€" Mechanical animals 11. Megadeth â€" Countdown to extinction 12. Megadeth â€" Risk 13. Megadeth â€" Youthanasia 14. Motley Crue â€" Dr.Feelgood 15. Over Kill â€" Necroshine 16. Pain of Salvation â€" The perfect element 17. Pantera â€" Reinventing the Steel 18. Pantera â€" The great southern trendkill 19. Pantera- Cowboys from hell 20. Poison â€" Look what the cat dragged in 21. Red Hot Chili Peppers â€" Stadium Arcadium 22. Rob Zombie â€" Hellbilly Deluxe 23. Sepultura â€" Arise 24. Slayer â€" Hell Awaits 25. Slayer â€" South of heaven 26. Steven Wilson â€" Grace for drowning 27. Testament â€" Souls of black 28. Testament â€" The very best of 29. Tidfall â€" Nucleus 30. U2 â€" No line on the horizon 31. Uriah Heep â€" Demons and Wizards


    15 febbraio, 17:36

    Contatta l'utente

  • Dischi musica CD rock metal speed thrash RAGE Lotto

    Dischi musica CD rock metal speed thrash RAGE Lotto

    CD originali RAGE 1a stampa rimasti tutti in ottime condizioni, ed alcuni addirittura perfetti poichè mai ascoltati. tutti assieme al prezzo sopra inclusa spedizione oppure CD separati per 15 euro ognuno + costi di spedizione a vostro carico: Spese spedizione di 1CD : 7 euro da 2CD in poi 10euro PER INFORMAZIONI 3394792679 - Reign of Fear - Execution Guaranteed - Secrets In A Weird World - Extended Power - Trapped - Beyond The Wall - The Missing Link - Black In Mind - End Of All Days - XIII - Welcome to the Other Side - Unity


    11 febbraio, 18:03

    159 €

  • Lotto 4 CD Metal Collezione

    Lotto 4 CD Metal Collezione

    Lotto 4 CD Metal(Originali) da Collezione. 1) Rock s'Cool - CD Compilation Nuclear Blast 13 trks; 2) No Sleep Til September - CD Compilation Nuclear Blast 13 trks; 3) Manowar - DVD Promo Single; 4) Molly Hatchet - Warriors of the rainbow bridge (cds promo 1 trks!); 5) 4 Sottobicchieri Therion; 6) 2 Poster Metal Rooster Nuclear Blast - Misure 50x60 cm In Omaggio a Sorpresa. Prezzo: 13.00 euro escluse le spese di spedizione!

    Aurelio/ Boccea

    6 febbraio, 14:10

    13 €

  • Dischi CD metal rock Lotto

    Dischi CD metal rock Lotto

    Tutti assieme al prezzo scontato sopra oppure separati ai prezzi sotto COSTI SPEDIZIONE dalle 7 alle 10 Euro, dipende da quanti ne prendiate. PER CONTATTI 3394792679 ANNIHILATOR Refresh the Demon €15 ANNIHILATOR King of the King €15 ANTHRAX Fistfull of metal €15 APOCALYPTICA Plays Metallica By Four Cellos €7 BLACK SABBATH Paranoid €15 vol.4 €15 BLACK SABBATH Sabotage €15 BLACK SABBATH Heaven & hell €15 BLACK SABBATH Technical Ecstasy €15 BLACK WIDOW Return to Sabbath €15 BRUCE DICKINSON Accident Of Birth €15 BRUCE DICKINSON Balls of Picasso €15 BRUCE DICKINSON the Chemical Wedding €15 BURZUM Draugen Rarities €15 BURZUM Hidskyalf €15 CHRISTIAN DEATH Pornographic Messiah €15 DANZIG Danzig €15 DANZIG 2 Lucifuge €15 DEATH SS The Seventh Seal €20 DEATH SS Transilvania €7 DEEP PURPLE - 30: very best €15 - Progression €12 DHIO Holy Diver €15 EMPEROR In The Nightside Eclipse €25 EXCITER Violence & Force €15 EVANESCENCE Fallen €7 INKUBUS SUKKUBUS Heartbeat of the Earth €20 IRON MAIDEN Flight of Icarus €18 IRON MAIDEN Somewhere in time €15 IRON MAIDEN No Prayer For theDying €15 IRON MAIDEN X-Factor €15 MARDUK La Grande Danse Macabre €15 MAYHEM De Mysteris Dom Sathanas €35 MEAT LOAF Bat Out oh Hell II: back into Hell €15 MEGADETH Warchest €100 MEGADETH Killing is my businness €15 MEGADETH Peace Sells €15 MEGADETH So Far, so good so what €15 MEGADETH Rust inPeace €15 MEGADETH Countdown to extinction €15 MEGADETH Youthanasia €15 MEGADETH World needs a Hero €15 MEGADETH Risk €15 METALLICA Ride The Lightning €15 NUCLEAR ASSAULT Something Wicked €15 PENTAGRAM Anatolia €15 RAGE (12CD per €135 , oppure singolarmente per 15€ l'uno) - Reign of Fear - Execution Guaranteed - Secrets In A Weird World - Extended Power - Trapped - Beyond The Wall - The Missing Link - Black In Mind - End Of All Days - XIII - Welcome to the Other Side - Unity SADNESS Danteferno €22 SCORPIONS Blackout €12 SCORPIONS Virgin Killer €12 SCORPIONS Lovedrive €12 SODOM Masquerade in Blood €17 STEVE VAI Passion and Warfore €15 STEVE VAI UltraZone €15 UNLEASHED Warrior €19 THYRANE Black Harmony €15 VASARIA vasaria €15 VIRGIN STEELE Noble Savage €15 WARLORD rising out of the ashes €15 WHITE LION Fight to Survive €12


    4 febbraio, 18:20

    500 €

  • Lotto cd metal hard rock

    Lotto cd metal hard rock

    Vendo i seguenti cd, alcuni ancora sigillati contattatemi per eventuali chiarimenti aerosmith pump 5 alice in chains little red rooster 20 alice in chains dirt 4 alice in chains live 6 alice in chains sap 6 at the gates slaughter of the soul 8 atreyu the curse 6 bestial mockery gospel of the insane 8 black funeral vukolak 8 blackmore's night shadow of the moon 6 blutengel tränenherz (deluxe edition-2 booklet) 10 china live 10 deep purple black night 13 deep purple live 12 deep purple deep purple rockstars in concerts 13 dimmu borgir puritanical euphoric misanthropia 7 helloween pink bubbles go ape 9 ir8 vs sexoturica untitled 10 jimmy page & robert plant walking into clarksdale 4 kiss hot lichs 20 laibach volk 15 liar of golgotha dancing through the palace of the ungodly 30 malevolent creation joe black 8 metallica totally destroy canada 30 necrodeath into the macabre 9 orange sky dat iz voodoo 4 rhapsody symphony of enchanted lands ii - the dark secret 10 scarve the undercurrent 8 sentenced the cold white light 7 sex pistols sex pistols (2 cd) 7 sex pistols never mind the bollocks here's the sex pistols 7 the last resort violence in our minds 15 luca turilli king of the nordic twilight 8 allen - lande the showdown 8 w.e.t. w.e.t. 8 annihilator total annihilation (box 6 cd) 70 witchburner incarnation of evil 9 witchburner blasphemic assault 9 witchburner blood of witches 9 witchburner final detonation 9 witchburner german thrashing war 9 judas priest british steel 5 motley crue girls,girls,girls 5 nightwish once 6 dream theater images and words 5 megadeth so far, so goodâ€? 7 megadeth rust in peace 7 megadeth peace sells 7 megadeth countdown to extinction 7 megadeth youthanasia 7 metallica black album 6 overkill years of decay 8 testament the ritual 8 testament the new order 8 testament souls of black 8 testament low 8 anthrax persistence of time 6 anthrax among the living 6 metallica master of puppets 8 metallica kill 'em all 8 pantera the great southern 7 pantera far beyond driven 7 pestilence testimony of the ancient 10 kreator ordes of chaos (ultrariot edition)! 30 cannibal corpse torture (limited digibook) 17 forbidden twisted into form 9 slayer season in the abyss 8 sadist above the light 15 slayer christ illusion 8 slayer south of heaven 8 slayer god hates us all 8 overkill horrorscope 8 death human 8 kreator pleasure to kill 9 iced earth horrorshow 9 overkill under the influence 9 dark angel darkness descends 9 mercyful fate don't break the oath 9 exodus bonded by blood 9 exodus tempo of the damned 7 sodom tapping the vein 9 iron maiden piece of mind 8 iron maiden seventh son of aâ€? 8 sacred reich the american way 9


    24 gennaio, 19:19

    1 €

  • Lotto cd death metal

    Lotto cd death metal

    Vendo 4 cd death metal in blocco a 55 euro (non trattabili) spedizione gratuita. Sconto per ritiro a mano. CD: Dying Fetus - Stop at nothing Dying Fetus - War of attrition Under The Church - Rabid armageddon Torture Rack - Barbaric persecution Possibili scambi.

    Castel San Giorgio

    15 gennaio, 13:13

    55 €

  • Lotto cd vari heavy metal

    Lotto cd vari heavy metal

    Cd vari heavy metal originali. metal party.it, dragonia, news from nuclear blast, in ottime condizioni, accetto paypal. PREZZO TRATTABILE

    Bellariva, Gavinana, La Rondinella, Sorgane

    12 gennaio, 08:31

    8 €

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