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  • Lista lp tutti nuovi di zecca rarita' e non

    Lista lp tutti nuovi di zecca rarita' e non

    Salve vendo lp rari e non tutti titoli NUOVI DI ZECCA fra dischi ufficiali e bootleg di seguito invio lista titoli disponibili tutti NUOVI -pink floyd ummagumma doppio lp 35 ristampa unofficial -pink floyd atom heart mother gold lp 30 -pink floyd pompeii doppio lp 45 euro -pink floyd cymbaline doppio lp 55 euro -pink floyd live in rotterdam doppio lp 70 euro -pink floyd saint tropez 20 euro -pink floyd always need a little more room 30 euro -pink floyd live in new york doppio lp 55 euro -pink floyd big pink 40 euro -pink floyd grooving with the pink triplo lp 70 euro -pink floyd london 1966 1967 35 euro -pink floyd meddle 30 euro -pink floyd wish you were here 25 euro -pink floyd the wall doppio lp 45 euro -pink floyd obscured by clouds 30 euro -pink floyd a saurceful of secrets 30 euro -pink floyd the dark side of the moon 35 euro -pink floyd animals 35 euro -pink floyd atom heart mother 35 euro -pink floyd ummagumma doppio lp 40 euro -david gilmour rattle and that lock sigillato 30 euro -david gilmour on a island lp sigillato 30 euro -black sabbath volume 4 20 euro -black sabbath sabbath bloody sabbath 20 euro -black sabbath born again 20 euro -black sabbath evil 25 euro -joy division queens hall ..20 euro -dead can dance east of eden 20 euro -dead can dance arabian gothic 20 euro -death in june himmel strasse 25 euro -led zeppelin I 20 euro -led zeppelin II 20 euro -led zeppelin III 20 euro -jimmy page/robert plant 25 euro -pearl jam omonimo blu doppio 45 euro -pearl jam no code doppio 45 euro -pearl jam lollapalooza triplo lp 45 euro -nirvana fifteen 30 euro -metallica xxx san francisco dopio lp 45 euro -u2 daughter 25 euro -david bowie screwed doppio lp 45 euro -david bowie vancouver doppio lp 45 euro -david bowie ziggy stardust 30 euro -nick cave no more shall 35 euro -nick cave the lyre of orpheus 35 euro -bob dylan omonimo 20 euro -kraftwerk omonimo 20 euro -depeche mode live austin 2013 20 euro -social distortion mommy's little monster 20 euro -the cure omonimo 20 euro -the velvet underground live at max 20 euro -the velvet underground squeeze 20 euro -jimi hendrix are you experienced 20 euro -rory gallagher riding shotgun 20 euro -jeff buckley so real 20 euro -radiohead identikit 20 euro -siouxsie and the banshees into the light 20 euro -siouxsie and the banshees omonimo 20 euro -su richiesta invio foto dettagliate tramite whatsapp -offro max serieta' e disponibilita'

    Giugliano in Campania

    19 maggio, 17:27

    20 €

  • 150 lp jazz & blues lista

    150 lp jazz & blues lista

    Aa.vv. the first esquire concert vol. 1 saga ex/vg+ 5 aa.vv. the exciting battle j.a.t.p. stockholm pablo nm/vg+ 8 aa.vv. jazz highlights vol. viii sunset vg+/vg+ 8 aa.vv. fifty years of jazz guitars (2xlp) cbs ex/ex 10 aa.vv. helen merrill mixes (2xlp) mainstream vg+/vg+ 8 aa.vv. swingin' & boppin' (2xlp) storyville ex/vg+ 5 aa.vv. this is jazz vol. 2 rca nm/vg+ 5 aa.vv. jazz & cinema cbs nm/vg+ 5 aa.vv. this is jazz vol. 1 rca nm/vg 5 aa.vv. colorado jazz party (2xlp) basf mps vg/vg 5 aa.vv. when malindy sings new world g/vg 8 aa.vv. hard bop today red record nm/vg 5 aa.vv. new orleans jazz at the kitty halls arhoolie vg+/vg 5 aa.vv. basie jam #3 pablo vg+/vg 5 aa.vv. modern jazz perspective columbia ex/g 5 aa.vv. bebop roulette ex/vg+ 5 aa.vv. piano jazz durium vg+/vg 5 aa:vv. west coast scene vol. 2 (2xlp) vogue ex/vg+ 8 aa:vv. 25 years of prestige (2xlp) prestige vg/vg+ 5 abbey lincoln feat. archi shepp golden lady inner city vg+/vg+ 10 adderley, davis, h & s. jones, blakey somethin' else (re 1982) blue note vg+/vg+ 15 al cohn al cohn's america xanadu vg+/vg 10 al cohn play it now xanadu ex/vg 5 al grey struttin' and shoutin' columbia ex/ex- 5 al grey basic grey (2xlp) chess jazz m.s. vg+/vg 5 al haig plays the music of jerome kern inner city vg+/vg+ 7 alberta hunter classic alberta hunter - the thirties stash ex/ex 5 andy kirk and his cloud of joy the lady who swings the band mca nm/vg+ 5 art farmer nature boy musidisc nm/ex 10 art tatum billy de franco the tatum group masterpieces pablo vg+/ex 5 arthur blythe in the tradition cbs ex/ex 8 ballista salvetta piano e canto nel ragtime di joplin ricordi vg+/ex 5 barney bigard clarinet gumbo rca ex/vg 5 barry harris plays tadd dameron xanadu nm/vg+ 8 basie & zoot s/t pablo vg/vg+ 5 bauduc lamare masters of dixieland vol. 4 emi ex/ex 6 benny carter live and well in japan! pablo ex/vg+ 8 benny golson blues on down (2xlp) musidisc vg+/vg+ 8 benny goodman greatest hits emidisc vg+/g+ 5 benny goodman gene krupa the kings of jazz big bands (2xlp) festival nm/ex 8 bill davison and his commodores the davison-brunis sessions vol. 2 london vg+/vg+ 5 bill holman the fabolous bill holman sackville nm/vg+ 8 billy eckstine the modern sound of mr.b trip jazz nm/vg 7 blossom dearie once upon a summer timeâ€| verve vg+/vg+ 20 bobby hackett and his jazz band coast concert capitol nm/nm 5 bobby hackett and his jazz band live from the voyager room shoestring ex/vg 5 boland clarke big band open door muse records vg+/vg+ 10 buck clayton & buddy tate kansas city nights (2xlp) prestige vg+/vg+ 10 bud freeman, eddie miller swinging tenors affinity vg+/vg 5 bud freeman, eddie miller the compleat bud freeman monmouth-eg vg/vg 5 bud powell with g. duvivier & a.taylor rca nm/vg+ 5 buddy defranco sextet black magic shamrock ex/vg 5 byrd, kessel, ellis great guitars at charlie's concord jazz vg+/vg 5 cannonball adderley coast to coast (2xlp) milestone vg+/vg+ 10 charlie barnet vol. ii rca victor ex/vg+ 10 charlie byrd, villa lobos sketches of brazil cbs vg+/vg 5 chico hamilton quintet passin' thru jasmine vg+/vg 8 chris connor cocktails and dusk bethlehem ex+/g 5 claude bolling suite for chamber orchestra cbs vg/vg+ 5 clifford brown historical performances vogue ex/vg+ 10 clifford brown & max roach at basin street mercury vg+/vg+ 10 coleman hawkins il classico coleman hawkins musica jazz nm/ex 5 coleman hawkins, chu berry the big sound of london vg+/vg 5 corrado gozzo and his orchestra goz rca victor ex/vg 8 davis, blakey ascensore per il patibolo/i vampiri.. philips vg+/vg 12 dolo cocker dolo! xanadu vg/vg 15 don byas memorial (2xlp) vogue ex/ex 10 donald byrd i'm tryin' to get home blue note vg+/vg+ 10 earl 'fatha' hines another monday date (2xlp) prestige vg+/vg 8 earl hines quintessential recording session chiaroscuro vg+/vg+ 10 earl hines paul gonsalves it don't mean a thingâ€| black lion vg/vg 5 eddie condon his windy city seven andâ€| london vg+/vg+ 5 eddie condon the best of (2xlp) mca ex/vg+ 8 elvin jones elvin! riverside vg+/vg+ 13 eric dolphy dolphy (2xlp) prestige vg+/vg 15 eric dolphy ron carter magic (2xlp) prestige vg+/vg 10 errol dixon live in atlantis audio system ex/vg+ 10 erroll garner il magico pianoforte diâ€| cbs vg-/g 5 erroll garner romantic & swinging mercury vg+/vg+ 5 erroll garner concert by the sea cbs vg/vg 5 erroll garner up in erroll's room mps delta nm/vg+ 10 erskine hawkins swingin' in harlem tax vg+/vg 8 firehouse five plus 2 sessions, live calliope vg/vg 10 fletcher henderson the creative years rca nm/vg+ 15 frank butler the stepper xanadu ex/vg 8 gary burton & keith jarrett s/t atlantic vg/vg+ 6 gary burton quartet easy as a pie ecm ex/vg+ 10 gato barbieri chapter three viva emiliano zapata impulse vg/vg 7 gene ammons juganthology (2xlp) prestige vg+/vg+ 10 gene ammons, sonny stitt together again for the last time prestige ex/ex- 5 george lewis & turk murphy at newport verve (jap) nm/ex 10 gigi gryce orch-tette 1961 trip jazz ex/vg 7 gil fuller pacific jazz liberty vg+/vg+ 5 grappelli kessel i remember django black lion ex/vg+ 6 hal mooney big band and voices bainbridge nm/vg+ 5 hampton hawes at the piano contemporary nm/vg+ 10 harold land quintet grooveyard contemporary vg/vg+ 10 helen humes on the sunny side of the street black lion ex/g+ 7 howard mcghee sextet live at emerson's zim vg+/vg 6 hubert laws family columbia ex/nm 8 illinois jacquet swing's the thing verve vg+/vg+ 10 jabbo smith volume two melodeon vg+/vg+ 5 jackie and roy high standards concord jazz nm/vg+ 5 jackie mclean contour (2xlp) prestige vg+/vg+ 5 jimmie lunceford 4 blues in the night mca vg/vg 5 jimmy rushing the essential (2xlp) vogue ex/vg+ 6 joe albany the albany touch flyright vg+/vg+ 8 joe turner another epoch-stride piano pablo ex/ex 5 johnny guarnieri superstride taz jaz vg+/vg 5 johnny mince quartet summer of '79 monmouth vg/vg 5 julian cannonball adderley in memoriam mercury nm/vg+ 5 kenny burrell all day long & all night long prestige vg+/vg+ 15 kjames moody something special nomus nm/nm 10 konitz, poindexter, woods, wright alto summit pausa vg+/vg+ 5 lambert, hendrick & ross sing a song of basie jasmine vg/vg 7 lambert, hendrick & ross the best of columbia vg/vg 5 manny albam the jazz greats of our time vol. 1 jasmine vg+/vg+ 5 max roach clifford brown in concert vogue nm/ex 10 mc rae, southern, smith sessions, live calliope vg+/vg 5 miles davis the birth of the cool capitol ex/vg+ 10 odetta at carnegie hall vanguard m/vg+ 10 otis rush & magic sam the other takes 1956-58 flyright vg/vg+ 15 paul desmond masters of jazz vol. 13 (2xlp) rca nm/ex 10 penguin cafe orchestra music from the penguin cafe eg obscure nm/vg+ 15 phil bodner & c. fine & dandy stash vg/vg+ 5 quincy jones the birth of a band fontana nm/vg+ 8 quincy jones this is how iu feel about jazz jasmine vg+/vg+ 10 robert cray band don't be afraid of the dark mercury nm/nm 6 roland hanna plays the music of alec wilder inner city ex/vg 8 roy eldridge verve jazz n. 16 metro vg+/vg 5 ruby braff georges barnes quartet salutes rodgers and hart concord jazz vg+/vg+ 7 sidney bechet savoy cafe' vogue vg+/vg 5 sidney bechet teddy buckner festivals de cannes et knokke l.z. vogue ex/vg 5 sidney bechet teddy buckner unique sidney cbs g/g 5 sy oliver yes indeed black and blue vg+/vg+ 10 tal farlow fuerst set xanadu vg/vg 5 teddy buckner jazz festival vogue ex/vg 5 the famouis ward gospel singers recorded live at disneyland vista nm/ex 7 the five arrangements by shorty rogers rca victor vg+/vg 10 the gil evans orchestra into the hot impulse vg+/vg 12 the herb ellis trio herb mix concord jazz vg+/vg+ 10 the jimmy giuffre 3 thesis verve vg+/vg+ 10 the ray bryant trio all blues pablo vg+/vg+ 8 tom chapin the bell of the heart alacra vg/vg 15 tommy flanagan plays the music of harold arlen inner city vg/vg 5 tony bennett & bill evans together again improv vg+/vg+ 8 wardell gray central avenue (2xlp) prestige nm/vg+ 10 wardell gray, ben webster the alumni masters durium vg/vg+ 7 woody herman live at the hollywood palladium 1 jazz supreme nm/vg+ 5 woody herman woody's winners cbs nm/vg+ 5 young, parker, gillespie early modern: 1946 concert rec. milestone vg+/vg+ 7


    7 maggio, 10:47

    5 €

  • Gianni DEI lp lista d'attesa 1a Stampa 1988 sigillato

    Gianni DEI lp lista d'attesa 1a Stampa 1988 sigillato

    Gianni DEI lp lista d'attesa RARITA' x Collezionisti - INTROVABILE NUOVO / cellophanato ancora all'origine TOP RECORDS TP 66708 Lato A) Nei miei pugni stai / Succede / Ho il cuore fragile / Mi compro una cadillac / Una spada una speranza Lato B) Cosa cambia / La voglia / Far l'amore con te / Con il cuore in mano / Più solitario di così


    1 maggio, 10:07

    50 €

  • Vinili LP e 7" entra per foto e lista

    Vinili LP e 7" entra per foto e lista

    - Genesis - Second out dopppio live - Phil Collins face value - Kate Bush - Houds of love - Simple Minds - Once up on a time - David Bowie - Cristiana F. Noi i ragazzi dello zoo di berlino (colonna sonora orginale) - The Police - Outlandos d'amour - Rockets - Plasteroid - Van Halen - Jump 45 giri - Pfm - Prime impressioni - Lucio Dalla - Qdisc (telefonami fra vent'anni etc.) - Bennato - Burattino senza fili - Nerorgasmo (rarissimo 45 giri punk torinese anni 80) - Marco Ferradini - Schiavo senza catene - Ivan Graziani - Viaggi e intemperie - Jean Michel - Jarre oxigene - Murari Band - Easy Journey - The Godz - Mongolians - Rush - Grace Under Pressure - Maho - Flesh To The dream - Tora Tora - Surprise Attack - Bram Tchaikvsky - Pressure - Sharp Edges - Slice of life - Agent Orange - This is Teh Voice - Vandenberg - Alibi - The Allman Brothers Band - Shades of two worlds - Anita Baker - Giving you the best that i got - Aretha Franklin - Who's Zoomin' who? - Mike Rutherford - Action very Strange - Triumph - Thunder Seven Per i prezzi contattatemi. Possibilità di ritiro a mano. Spedizione tracciata a carico dell'acquirente. NB. Alcuni pezzi presenti in foto sono stati venduti. Verificare la lista.


    14 aprile, 23:39

    Contatta l'utente

  • LP e CD - generi vari - chiedere lista

    LP e CD - generi vari - chiedere lista

    Vendo parecchi LP e CD di vari generi (jazz, blues, pop, rock, classica, italiana...) Richiedimi la lista. Prezzi a partire da 2 Euro a LP/CD. Consegna a mano in Friuli preferita, ma posso anche spedire (con spese di spedizione a tuo carico)


    12 aprile, 17:30

    2 €

  • Lp come NUOVI invio lista

    Lp come NUOVI invio lista

    Invio lista completa di 1.000 LP come Nuovi che vendo con prezzi da Euro 5 a Euro 20 secondo la loro rarità


    11 aprile, 21:05

    5 €

  • Lista vinili mista da 5 euro a lp!

    Lista vinili mista da 5 euro a lp!

    Salve a tutti super offerta! lista di vinili vari generi rock..metal..pop..funk soul..ecc.. tutti a solo 5 euro cadauno (i doppi a 8 euro) vinili in buone e ottime condizioni no graffi! su richiesta invio anche foto dettagliate tramite whatsapp lista titoli disponibili aggiornata *vinili 5 euro* (doppi lp 8 euro) temptations solid rock tavares new directions commodores nightshift silver convention madhouse freddy cole right from the heart al green the belle album al green tokyo live doppio lp gladys knight and the pips pipe dreams dionne warwick friends weapons of peace omonimo lp kool and the gang at their best kool and the gang in the hood barry white the love unlimited orchestra rhapsody in white barry white the love unlimited orchestra tom jones memories don't leave like people do ike and tina turner sweet rhode island red champaign modern heart barbara mcnair more today than yesterday leslie o hara gipsy boy the facts of the life a matter of fact randy crawford nightline ashford and simpson real love delegation deuces high jimmy lindsay where is your love jimmy cliff the power and the glory donna summer i remember yesterday barbara streisand guilty bee gees esp blondie the best of blondie frankie goes to hollywood welcome to the pleasuredome doppio lp madonna true blue madonna you can't dance cyndi lauper a night to remember tina turner foreign affair dionne warwick friends emmylou harris elite hotel joan baez in italy joan baez joan joan baez blessed are part.1 judy garland the collection alison moyet raindancing olivia newton jones clearly love laurie anderson big science jean michel jarre zoolook james taylor the collection cat stevens greatest hits arlo guthrie amigo alabama just us alabama live poco crazy eyes poco backtracks poco legend poco omonimo lp loggins &messina the best friends merle haggard/willie nelson seashores of old mexico jesse colin young on the road john denver i grandi successi van halen 1984 krokus hardware rainbow difficult to cure status quo whatever you want sky 3 little feat the last record album ry cooder omonimo lp duane and gregg allman fm takin it to the streets tubes the completion backward principle leo sayer have you ever been in love leo sayer world radio outlaws hurry sundown country gazette from the beginning bad news travels fast ordinary man das damen entertaining friends the dice broken rules bill haley & the comets rock around the clock tom jones memories don't leave like people do sea level cats on the coast offro max serieta'

    Giugliano in Campania

    5 aprile, 00:00

    5 €

  • Lista lp funky-soul ecc.

    Lista lp funky-soul ecc.

    Salve vendo lp funky soul + altri generi misti su richiesta invio foto tramite whatsapp lista vinili disponibili -bill withers watching you watching me -george benson weekend in l.a. doppio lp -george benson livin inside your love doppio lp -bud powell trio -mel brown blues for we -otis redding omonimo (charter line) -lionel hampton many splendored vibes -kool and the gang emergency -kool and the gang at their best -gibson brothers on the riviera -jimmy cliff cliffhanger -al jarreau the jazz singer -al green the belle album -al green tokyo live doppio lp -stan getz/joao gilberto getz/gilberto featuring antonio carlos jobim -le bresil de vinicious de moraes avec maria creuza et toquinho -jorge ben anos depois -elza miltinho & samba -daniel sentacruz ensemble soleado -perez prado and latin favourites -nilton castro rhytm and soul -manitas de plata flamenco magic -peter tosh captured live -luther allison rich man -revelation omonimo lp -the miracles don't cha love it -the mob omonimo lp -van mccoy my favorite fantasy -gladys knight & the pips pipe dreams -freddie cole right from the heart -temptations house party -temptation solid rock -the stylistics some things never change. -the stylistics 1982 -eruption fight fight fight -Black soul omonimo lp -l.t.d.something to love -commodores nightshift -commodores omonimo lp -commodores 13 -shakatak out of this world -shakatak night birds -wilson pickett omonimo -the isley brothers inside you -topper headon waking up -the mamas and papas omonimo lp -sea level omonimo lp -sea level cats on the coast -courtney pine journey to the urge within -Mahalia jackson swings the gospel -mahalia jackson signs america favorite hymns -tina turner private dancer -ike and tina turner sweet rhode island red -aretha franklin aretha -aretha franklin jump do it -barbara mcnair more today than yesterday -precious wilson on the race rack -whithey houston lp omonimo -dionne warwick friends -gloria gaynor i have a right -anita baker giving you -anita baker compositions -diana ross silk -diana ross to love again -diana ross omonimo lp -diana ross red hot rhytm and blues -diana ross why doo fools fall in love -diana ross swept away -diana ross eaten alive -amii stewart omonimo lp -shirley bassey its my life -grace jones bulletproof heart -joan armatrading show some emotion -joan armatrading steppin out -joan armatrading track record -joan armatrading walk under ladders -joan armatrading sleight of hand -joan armatrading the key -joan armatrading back to the night -randy crawford nightline -randy crawford rich and poor -donna summer i remember yesterday -donna summer another place and time -queen samantha II -leslie o'hara gipsy boy -jah woosh some sign -lionel richie can't slow down -atlantic rhythm and blues 1947/1974 aa. vv.doppio lp -cole porter a new concept of great.. -cafe'creme aa.vv -earth wind and fire faces -timmy thomas you're the song -timmy thomas we cant we live together -sphinx judas -The love unlimited orchestra white gold -champaign modern heart -the george mitchell minstrels another black and white minstrels show -around the world with berlipp's big band -disco craps aa.vv. -eddy grant live at notting hill doppio lp -bobby womack the last soul man -rufus numbers -rufus with chaka khan camouflage -george duke rendezvous -clarke/duke project II -defunkt in america -abdoulaye diabate kassikou -kool moe dee how ya like me now -lou and the hollywood bananas kingston kingston contattatemi per i prezzi offro ottime proposte su richiesta invio foto dettagliate tramite whatsapp dei titoli richiesti p.s. lista sempre in aggiornamento integrata con nuovi titoli max serieta'

    Giugliano in Campania

    5 aprile, 00:00

    5 €

  • Lista vari lp heavy metal

    Lista vari lp heavy metal

    Salve vendo vinili heavy metal alcuni lp sono sigillati,altri in buonissime condizioni di seguito invio lista completa cozy powell tilt ufo no place ti run status quo uo +live medicine head one and one is one (thin lizzy) journey departure renaissance omonimo lp gerry rafferty night owl gerry rafferty smokes and ladders gerry rafferty city to city todd rundgren initiation todd rundgren utopia live utopia oops! wrong planet dobbie brothers best of alvin lee ten years later grand funk we?re american band tommy bolin private eyes gillan glory road alice cooper flush the fashion alice cooper charter line rush a show of hands rush permanent waves jon butcher pictures from the front europe out of this world krokus change of address krokus hardware krokus one vice at the time krokus the blitz saxon rock the nations meat loaf hits out of hell meat loaf dead ringer chris farlowe live chris farlowe out of time/paint it black blue oyster cult spectres ted nugent omonimo ted nugent state of shock ted nugent week warriors ted nugent gonzos! molly hatchet beatin the odds dokken beast from the east contattatemi per i prezzi,offro ottime proposte max serieta *su richiesta invio foto dettagliate tramite whatsapp

    Giugliano in Campania

    4 aprile, 23:47

    1 €

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