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Dolby surround teac in Elettronica

  • Home theatre dolby digital surround teac

    Home theatre dolby digital surround teac

    Home Theatre Dolby Digital Surround TEAC PL-S3500SW EX DEMO ottimo design ,il sistema è come nuovo, dimensioni compatte e resa acustica buona, ottimo design. Subwoofer amplificato. Disponibile per qualsiasi prova presso la nostra sede. Il Sistema audio è composto da: 04 satelliti/casse di cui 02 satelliti front R e front L 02 satelliti rear R e rear L 01 canale centrale 01 subwoofer attivo/amplificato Caratteristiche Tecniche: Max Input Power Satelliti 60 W Max Input Power Centre 60 W Subwoofer amplificato Power 200W Dimensioni Componenti: Satelliti/Casse 13x9x9 cm Canale Centrale 7,7x8x20 cm SubWoofer 30x31x21


    9 maggio, 19:21

    110 €

  • Teac a-v3000p preamplificatore dolby surround

    Teac a-v3000p preamplificatore dolby surround

    Usato in perfette condizioni e con telecomando! garanzia usato - - - - - preamplifier A-V3000P - multi-channel amplifier with a switching system and decoder, Dolby Pro Logic. Externally A-V3000P made traditionally for domestic Japanese art - carefully and logically. Allocated a large volume knob in the center of the front panel, small and unobtrusive handle other regulators and small buttons with a display of all modes. Not every pre-amp has three channels of powerful amplifiers of 50 watts each required mode "Surround". This mode can be used in five variants: "Dolby Pro Logic" - decode all channels, "Dolby 3 Stereo" - simulates the previous regime, but without rear speakers, and the modes of "Hall", "Theater" and "Live" allow to obtain appropriate atmosphere sound of a concert hall, theater and rock concert. Subjective perception of the difference signal before and after processing is very noticeable. Adjustable digital delay signal, allowing to simulate the acoustics of these modes, the switch changes "Delay Time" from 5 to 65 ms, depending on the switch position "Surround Mode". Size and capacity available to the user of the center speaker or lack thereof determines the mode of "Center Mode" (three positions - "Normal", "Wide", "Phantom"), which is very important for proper operation of the corrector system "Dolby Pro Logic". Amplifier may well be used as a regular preliminary: to its inputs can be connected to five audio sources, including a turntable . The remote control allows you to control all operations for choosing sources and modes of operation of the amplifier and the system bus and UR tuner, tape and CD-player. The device does not have separate tone controls, but on the rear panel, there are special connectors for the equalizer

    Garibaldi / Stazione Centrale / Isola

    28 aprile, 12:42

    220 €

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