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    Riparazione altoparlanti e casse acustiche hi fi

    Riparazione altoparlanti e casse acustiche hi fi

    Riparazione altoparlanti e casse acustiche. Riparazione hifi. In promozione a partire da 20 euro. Rigommatura e riconatura con sospensioni specifiche per ogni modello. Riparazione bobine e coni di ogni diametro. Riparazione amplificatori hi fi con garanzia. Riparazione giradischi e testine. Tutte le marche USA UK DE IT FR JAP Tempi di consegna 48 ore lavorative, salvo complicazioni. Garanzia sull'intervento eseguito. Per info e preventivi chiamare lo 065578359 dalle 15 alle 20.00 dal lunedì al venerdi. Siamo in via Ettore Paladini 80 82 00149 Roma. Audiosystem è anche assistenza computer e noleggio impianti per feste private.


    6 giugno, 12:39

    Contatta l'utente

  • Hi-fi pioneer

    Hi-fi pioneer

    Vendo sistema hi-fi anni 80 assemblato composto da: amplificatore- pioneer tuner ,AM FM-pioneer piastra doppia- pioneer 2 casse 3vie da 140w-pioneer lettore cd- sony se interessati al mobiletto ?50,00 in più

    San Giovanni / Appio Latino / Ardeatino

    Oggi, 00:53

    250 €

  • Switch box Multi Presa Scart e Audio

    Switch box Multi Presa Scart e Audio

    Vendo la multipresa scart in foto ideale per attaccarci piu periferiche assieme e gestirle con un semplice tasto. Ritiro in zona

    Tuscolano / Don Bosco / Cinecittà

    Ieri, 22:05

    10 €

  • Colonnine Dolby Home Theatre

    Colonnine Dolby Home Theatre

    Vendo colonnine (2) per Home Theatre in foto. Ritiro a mano in zona

    Tuscolano / Don Bosco / Cinecittà

    Ieri, 22:05

    30 €

  • Telecomando samsung

    Telecomando samsung

    Vendo telecomando originale samsung modello AK 59-00104K perfette condizioni e funzionante , compatibile con molti apparecchi TV e Dvd Samsung.

    Marconi / Colombo / Laurentino

    Ieri, 21:32

    15 €

  • REVOX A77 tutti i ricambi nuovi e usati a prezzi onesti!

    REVOX A77 tutti i ricambi nuovi e usati a prezzi onesti!

    REVOX A77 tutti i ricambi nuovi e usati a prezzi onesti! Fulvio (Roma) tel. 337.801431 Testine esaurite!

    Eur / Portuense / Magliana

    Ieri, 21:15

    1 €

  • YAMAHA Limited Centennial Edition 1887-1987 Series 10000

    YAMAHA Limited Centennial Edition 1887-1987 Series 10000

    YAMAHA Limited Centennial Edition 1887-1987 Series 10000 FULL COMPLETE SERIES Check the whole serie on "thevintageknow" NOTE Request is HIGH Ph. number +39.333.7650672 A very rare chance to buy this world class system. Probably the most remembered "Jubilee" or "Anniversary" series. Yamaha spared no expense for the Centennial Series and could do so : this was before the 1987 crash and subsequent 1990s gradual retreat of all Japanese brands toward the mid-end and low-end segments of the market. The production run for each Centennial unit still is a mystery but, contrarily to what one could believe, the three tenors of the series (CX-10000, MX-10000 and the CDX-10000) did sell very well - given their price tags that is. The NSX-10000 and HX-10000 are much more difficult to find. Yamaha CDX-10000 (CD Player) The CDX-10000 CD player featured Yamaha's Hi-Bit chip, part of the then-raging Bit-trek and Bit-tweaks, before the cheaper Bitstream wave hit just about everybody. The CDX is built well enough too withstand an earthquake and a serial mom's fit of anger altogether - 25kg of steel and triple chassis structure. The loading assembly is, rather strangely, as in all of Yamaha's top end players incredibly complex and heavy. If you've ever seen a CD-1, you know what I mean. Over-engineering would you say? Sure - but gloriously, lavishly, with style and grandeur! A true 1980s by product indeed. Yamaha CX-10000 (Preamplifier) The CX-10000 is a monster, a real monster with everything tripled - the chassis, the chips, the possibilities, the VCAs and... the rarity. The CX was highly reviewed in Japan back then, with a dedicated "Exciting Component" section in Stereo Sound. In other words: top of the pops and crème de la crème. At least very exciting because DSP was a novelty. Sound-processing-wise, the CX-10000 is divided in two: a digital parametric EQ plus associated side functions and a Digital Sound Field Processor; both parts have their own D/A converters: Hi-Bit Yamaha for the DSP and Burr Brown PCM-56P for the EQ part. The other chips used are exclusively Yamahaâ€(TM)s: 3x YM3818 for DSP 3x YM3619 for 4fs digital filter (225th + 41st FIR) 1x YM3623 for digital i/o 2x YM3608 for DEQ, low/high filters & slopes 3x YM3901C for 16bit/48Khz a/d 2x YM3020 for 16bit/48Khz a/d 1x YM3615 for 18bit FS/H d/a 1x YM3023 for 18bit FS/H d/a. The 3-band parametric EQ handles 4-step Q (0,7 / 1,4 / 3 / 6) while continuously variable low and high filters can see their slopes set at 6, 12 or 18dB/octave. All this per channel, of course! D/A is arranged according to Yamaha's Hi-Bit fashion. Output opamps are JRC 5532D. Two transformers for the left and right analog channels and a third one for all things digital ; the six boxes (à la Accuphase or Sony TA-ER1) hold the VCA and LPF/HPF boards while the one at the bottom of the main board shields the A/D section. The bottom plate is made of 5mm thick steel; gold-plated terminals (53 in Toto!) are present. No S-Video plugs, though - this is 1987! Another touch to note is the balance ring which is exactly like that of Yamaha's 1st CD player. Made to feed the MX-10000 Hyperbolic Conversion Class A powerhouse. Yamaha MX-10000 (Power Amp) Up to 1200 watts output at 1 Ohm per channel, yes: your windows will rattle. And in Class A mind you! That feat is possible by way of the Hyperbolic Conversion Class A circuit which you can read all about just by clicking the USER button below. Also part of this extremely rare monster are 100µ thick copper film / glass epoxy boards, hi fT (power buffer amplifiers) and MOS-FETs (outputs), four ELNA Great Supply caps, strictly non-magnetic metals for the enclosure, chassis and 2.5cm extruded aluminum front, walnut sideburns, carefully designed heatsinks for optimal cooling and absence of resonance, gold-plated brass terminals, oxygen-free copper bus bars and large logarithmic compression peak level meters. And even a photo coupler remote terminal so the MX-10000 can be powered on by the CX-10000. And specs to die for. And pity only around 250 MX-10000 were made. Specs: Minimum RMS power output (20Hz...20Khz, 0,001% THD) : 2x 250W (8 Ohm) 2x 300W (6 Ohm) 2x 400W (4 Ohm) Dynamic power output (1Khz, 0,001% THD) : 2x 350W (8 Ohm) 2x 450W (6 Ohm) 2x 600W (4 Ohm) 2x 900W (2 Ohm) 2x 1200W (1 Ohm) Damping factor : 1000 (6 Ohm, 1Khz) Through-rate of pre-driver voltage amp : 500V / µs Frequency response : 2Hz...300Khz (+0 / -2dB) IHF-A S/N ratio : 132dB IHF-A residual noise : 10µV Channel separation : 90dB (20Hz...20Khz) THD : 0,0005% (20Hz...20Khz ; 6 Ohm ; 1/2 rated power) Inputs : 1,5V / 25kOhm Dimensions : 47,5 x 22 x 54,3cm Yamaha HX-10000 (Phono Pre Amp) Very few "general" manufacturers produced such lavish phono EQ stages as the market was taken by a few "cottage" adventures: SME in Japan with the tubed and multi-awarded SPA-1HL (1981), Luxman with the contemporary E-06 (1987) or Audio Research, later on, with the PH-2 in 1992. Pioneer didn't make one for its Exclusive series and even Sony, Denon or Victor stopped making such items before CD happened, leaving that tiny market to the Uesugi Bros. or even smaller brands - a dedicated, stand-alone, phono stage was a rarity, even when LP was king of the audio hills. The HX-10000 "offers the epitome of sophisticated audiophile performance" : as in the CDX-10000, the HX enclosure holds two separate sub-enclosures, one with the power-supply, the other with the amplifying stages. The global chassis is carved from 9mm (front), 5mm (top & bottom) and 3mm (back) extruded aluminum pieces. The four double-sided glass-epoxy amplifying PCBs are each supported by five 8mm brass posts ; OFC wiring (even in the thick AC cord), 1% film caps, aluminum caps, bypassing caps, gold-plated OFC bus bars and regulations throughout. The terminals are all cut from brass and gold-plated - grounding posts included. The four shielding boxes holding the four EQ stages are like those used in the CX-10000. The power-supply is worthy of a power-amplifier with a beefy transformer (taken from the CX-10000) and six caps totaling... 100,000µF ! The EQ stages allow hookup of two separate turntables, each using either MC or MM cartridges, so the HX-10000 is in fact a quadruple EQ stage : phono 1L, 1R, phono 2L and 2R. All the HX circuit rely on discrete component : no ICs, no op'amps. HX-10000 Specs : MC input sensitivity : 60µV / 10 or 30 Ohm 200µV / 30 or 100 Ohm MM input sensitivity : 2,5mV / 47kOhm (100 or 330pF) Maximum 1Khz input : 3,4mV (MC low) 12mV (MC high) 120mV (MM) Output : 150mV / 470 Ohm (rec out) Maximum voltage output : 5V (20Hz...20Khz ; 0,01% THD) RIAA curve : ±0,2dB (20Hz...20Khz ; MM/MC) 20Hz...20Khz THD : 0,002% (3V output ; MC > pre out) 0,001% (3V output ; MM > pre out) IHF-A S/N ratio : 94dB (MC ; 500µV input shorted) 99dB (MC ; 5mV input shorted) MC channel separation : 50dB (1Khz) 50dB (10Khz) 86dB (1Khz) 66dB (10Khz) Dimensions : 47,5 x 13 x 43,2cm Weight : 20kg. Find the companion MX-10000 and you have one of the finest amp/preamp combos ever made. And one that's built to last. I owned the MX-10000 / CX-10000 combo some years ago and am very sorry I parted with them. Blew the roof off of my house and my eardrums and did so beautifully. Very rare, yes (not as rare as just 100 units made though). If you search the net you'll see that there are those who will pay big $$ for units dead or alive. Yamaha made these wonderful monsters with the finest materials available at the time and built them to last. Very high quality engineering. The price point in the late 70s is what did them in along with the beginning of the move away from solid state (so I've read). There was not a large enough market for Yamaha to justify building these monsters. Same fate even occurred with the downsized, but still monstrous 1000 series which retailed for over $2k per unit in 1978 $$s. I believe the 10000 series retailed in the neighborhood of $3-$4k in 1978 $$s but can't remember for certain. After phasing out production on the 10000s and 1000s and the wonderful CR series of receivers,Yamaha began marketing to a broader market in order to follow the money. I do not feel Yamaha was ever quite as good sounding again audio-wise (to my ears). I very happily own a Yamaha MX-1000U / CX-1000U combo now and it stands tall to both the Krell(especially) and Mac I owned previously. Real natural sound with power that seems to never end, a terrific phono stage, and many other quality feature functions with a very serious no frills look in BLACK. The 10000 is even a couple of magnitude finer than the 1000s. Lucky you! STORY In the late 1980s, Yamaha Electronics introduced the magnificent Limited Centennial Edition 1887-1997 line of stereo components in celebration of the companyâ€(TM)s 100 year anniversary. They were designed to display Yamahaâ€(TM)s complete audio engineering technical ability, exhibit the most stunning industrial design of any audio components ever produced, and perform on a level exceeding virtually every other manufacturer of components in the world. As a by product, they would be the most expensive Yamaha stereo components ever manufactured. Yamaha began work on these components in the mid 1980s. The company put its most capable audio engineers to work on this project. Due to their limited production of less than 500 units, exact production numbers have been difficult to obtain, each and the inherent careful hand assembly, the cost of each component ran into the thousands of dollar each. Yamaha custom manufactured many of the internal parts and each one was hand-selected. MX-10000 The design, construction and performance of the Yamaha MX-10000 Stereo Amplifier set it apart as the finest amplifier Yamaha ever built and offered for purchase. It also distinguished itself as one of the finest stereo amplifier in the world, more than able to compete with some of the most expensive and esoteric amplifiers available. This amplifier immediately made a visual statement with its masculine good looks of rich brushed aluminum and luxurious solid mahogany wood end panels. But it was the performance that made the Yamaha MX-10000 world class. The power capability of this amp was astounding, and required very special speakers to handle it, along with the ownerâ€(TM)s ears! The specification from Yamahaâ€(TM)s brochure tell the story. In keeping with its cost-no-object design, construction and performance, Yamaha gave a list price, in 1987, of 800.000 Yen! In todayâ€(TM)s U.S. dollars, it would cost $ 6,977.00. Using an online inflation calculator using the closest year available (2005), this amplifier roughly had a list price in the United States in 1987 of $ 4150.00. A price check in the 1987 or 1988 Audio Magazine Buyerâ€(TM)s Guide will be forthcoming. Audiophiles may never again see this kind of quality and power from Yamaha again, unless, of course, the company comes out with the Second Centennial Edition! CX-10000 The Yamaha CX-10000 Control Amplifier displayed the thorough engineering and ergonomic planning that made it a pleasure to use and listen to for wealthy audiophiles. All functions could be controlled by the touch of the respective buttons, or any of the functions could be controlled using the infrared remote. The only knob on the face of the unit was the volume knob. Like the power amplifier, the CX-10000 featured a striking amber display. It had a list price to match MX-10000, of 800,000 Yen. CDX-10000 The Yamaha CDX-10000 was the finest CD player up to late 1980s, and employed not only cutting edge technology but performance specifications that would eventually filter down to it consumer marker CD players. Like all audiophile CD players, it was a single CD drawer design. After all, one could only listen to on CDE at a time! It had a list price of 400,000 Yen, making it one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, CD player in the world. The interior layout and construction revealed this playerâ€(TM)s pedigree. The sonic performance of the CDX-10000 rivaled any player in the world. And it was built to last for thousand of hours of play. Just one example of the event of precision engineering can be seen in the CD tray and transport. I would like to thank Janne Bjorklund of Finland for making available to me the high resolution photos of his equipment to use on this site. His Yamaha MX-10000 and CX-10000 were probably the only ones in Finland when he listed them on Ebay in 2005, which is how I first learned about them for sale. The other catalog photos of the various components were found on a Japanese website created by K. Nisi through an internet search. This site features pages from Yamahaâ€(TM)s 1987 brochure of the Centennial Edition stereo components. Iâ€(TM)ve dozen and dozen of pages about the Yamaha taken from a lot of the most important HiFi magazine all over the world, a library!

    Eur / Portuense / Magliana

    Ieri, 21:14

    100 €

  • Lotto 7 dvd blu-ray originali

    Lotto 7 dvd blu-ray originali

    Lotto stock 7 dvd blu-ray - the lone ranger - il redentore -blackcountry -dracula untold -cinquanta sbavature di nero -assassin s creed -bronson tutti perfettamenti funzionanti , pari al nuovo .


    Ieri, 21:05

    30 €

  • Occhiali Samsung 3d

    Occhiali Samsung 3d

    Occhiali Samsung 3 d mod ssg 2200 e ssg 2100, il primo ricaricabile con cavetto USB il secondo a batteria venduti entrambi a 60 euro, altrimenti quello con cavetto a 40 euro l'altro 30 euro

    Montesacro / Talenti / Prati Fiscali

    Ieri, 20:47

    30 €

  • ACTION CAM compark 4K Wi-Fi ultra HD dual screen

    ACTION CAM compark 4K Wi-Fi ultra HD dual screen

    Action cam compark 4K Wi-Fi ultra HD dual screen NUOVA completa di tutti gli accessori doppia batteria telecomando valigetta LCD frontale schermo posteriore da 2 pollici cavo USB lente ad angolo di 170 gradi foto HD 16 mpx memory classe 10 tipo sundisk tipo video PAL ntsc peso 60g resistente all'acqua 30m istruzioni in italiano vendo per inutilizzo prezzo trattabile


    Ieri, 20:43

    60 €

  • Technics SL-3110 trazione diretta completo di testina

    Technics SL-3110 trazione diretta completo di testina

    Vendo giradischi TECHNICS SL-3110 a trazione diretta completamente automatico. In ottime condizioni , completo di completo di coperchio e completo di testina di ottima qualità STANTON EE600 .


    Ieri, 20:31

    180 €

  • Yamaha CA-610 Amplificatore Vintage Vu-Meter

    Yamaha CA-610 Amplificatore Vintage Vu-Meter

    Vendo amplificatore Yamaha CA-610 in ottime condizioni e perfettamente funzionante. Alcune manopole sono commerciali Caratteristiche Potenza uscita: 40 watts per channel into 8? (stereo) Risposta in frequenza: 20Hz to 20kHz Speaker load impedance: 4? to 16? Dimensioni: 435 x 150 x 298mm Peso: 8,5 kg


    Ieri, 20:30

    160 €

  • Lenco 833DD made in Switzerland completo di testina

    Lenco 833DD made in Switzerland completo di testina

    Vendo eccellente Lenco , made in Switzerland, trazione diretta, controllo elettronico del motore. Completo di testina di qualità (Audio Tecnica, Stanton, o Shure) Dimensioni: 144 x 460 x 365mm


    Ieri, 20:30

    140 €

  • AR Holographic Imaging M3 diffusori made in USA

    AR Holographic Imaging M3 diffusori made in USA

    Vendo queste straordinarie e originali casse Acoustic Research, progetto AR anni '90 . Cassa con buona efficienza 90db e con una buona immagine del suono con suono caldo e dettagliato. Componenti originali, condizioni generali buone (piccoli segni del mobile dovuti al tempo) Principali caratteristiche: Casse 3 Vie - 125 watts Efficienza 90 db Altezza 60 cm. Larghezza 24 cm. , Profondità 28 cm. Peso 11 Kg cadauna


    Ieri, 20:29

    110 €

  • Sansui AU-2900 Ampli bassa distorsione

    Sansui AU-2900 Ampli bassa distorsione

    Vendo questo splendido Sansui AU-2900 appena revisionato, nessun rumore, dal suono dolce e ricco come da tradizione Sansui. Potenza di uscita 20 watt Rms per canale caratterizzati da una bassissima distorsione ed ottima dinamica.


    Ieri, 20:29

    135 €

  • Scott A417 amplificatore integrato made in USA

    Scott A417 amplificatore integrato made in USA

    Vendo questo amplificatore made in USA, costruzione e prestazioni eccellenti. Suono caldo e dettagliato tipico di questa serie americana. Ottimo per un impianto vintage per la 2° casa con abbinamento a delle casse dello stesso periodo. Dotato di ingressi diversi ed in particolare il phono per il vostro giradischi.


    Ieri, 20:29

    130 €

  • Kef t27a tweeter nuovi

    Kef t27a tweeter nuovi

    Tweeter kef T27A nuovi mai utilizzati, impossibile trovarli nuovi. Ultima serie prodotta dalla kef per Ls3/5a ed altri diffusori. Con relative guarnizioni, istruzioni etc. nuovi. Tel.06-80687466 se non dovessi esserci lasciate un messaggio in segreteria con il vostro recapito telefonico , vi richiamerò al mio rientro.

    Flaminio / Parioli / Pinciano

    Ieri, 20:21

    350 €

  • Amplificatore Jvc AX-2. 1980

    Amplificatore Jvc AX-2. 1980

    Ottimo amplificatore JVC AX-2 1980 45 watt per canale Equalizzatore a 5 controlli Vumeters a led Perfettamente funzionante ed in eccellenti condizioni Primo contatto via mail


    Ieri, 20:17

    100 €

  • Registratore a bobine sony tc 730

    Registratore a bobine sony tc 730

    Registratore a bobine sony tc 730 del 1972 vendo 200€


    Ieri, 20:11

    200 €

  • Videoregistratore akai vt700

    Videoregistratore akai vt700

    Videoregistratore akai vt700 del 1970 non testato vendo 200€


    Ieri, 19:38

    200 €

  • Pre e finale rotel casse energy 5+1

    Pre e finale rotel casse energy 5+1

    PRE E FINALE ROTEL senza un grafio 5 canali RB985 RSP 970 power 100 watt rms per 5/ Subwoofer AMPLIFICATO MODELLO ENERGY ES 12 attivo POWER 150 watt CASSE ACUSTICHE ENERGY 5+1 per home cinema e stereo 100 watt cadauna a 3 vie piu il subwoofer amplificato energy modello es 12 piu i cavi di colegamenti al amplificatore tuto ad un prezzo trattabile di 650 euro


    Ieri, 19:01

    Contatta l'utente

  • Carrello porta televisore

    Carrello porta televisore

    Si vende carrello porta televisore 60pollici ancora imballato con ripiani in vetro. Prezzo di acquisto 270euro si vende a 230euro.


    Ieri, 18:28

    230 €

  • SELECO Videocamera vintage anni 80 modello SVM 5000

    SELECO Videocamera vintage anni 80 modello SVM 5000

    Seleco Videocamera vintage anni 80 da collezione modello SVM 5000 con caricabatterie 2 batterie e cavi per attacco TV da testare non so come funziona vendo chiamare 360348045 Grazie


    Ieri, 18:07

    30 €

  • NAGRA 4.2

    NAGRA 4.2

    NAGRA 4.2 con schede QPAU-T, QOU-T, QFM-50, QGX-3, QSL Alimentatore rete, preamplificatore esterno microfonico Sennheiser KAT 15, borsa, tutto perfettamente funzionante, qualsiasi prova zona Roma


    Ieri, 17:56

    2.000 €

  • Sony mini dv 60

    Sony mini dv 60

    Vendo in blocco 23 mini DV da 60 di cui: 20 Sony premium 3 Fuji Nuove imballate Prezzo spedizione da concordare Questo annuncio è stato pubblicato con l'app di eBay Annunci.

    Montesacro / Talenti / Prati Fiscali

    Ieri, 17:44

    40 €

  • Richiamo per uccelli caccia mp3

    Richiamo per uccelli caccia mp3

    Vendo richiamo per uccelli ottimo per allenare i giovani cuccioloni funziona a 12 volts si inserisce una pennetta usb (in omaggio ) con i canti sopra ha due uscite per le trombe con una potenza di 18 watt cadauna -basso consumo di batteria si puo inserire il timer il prezzo di € 40.00 si riferisce esclusivamente all 'apparecchio con penne usb e cavetto per la corrente per ulteriori info 3342322397 NO USO VENATORIO


    Ieri, 17:40

    40 €

  • Super 8 Bauer T171 Sound

    Super 8 Bauer T171 Sound

    Proiettore Super 8 della Bauer Mod. T171 Sound, perfettamente funzionante in ottime condizioni. Imballaggio come da foto in scatola non originale. Oggetto raro da collezione per veri appassionati. No perditempo. Vendo solo su Roma. Non effettuo spedizione.


    Ieri, 17:32

    129 €

  • Amplificatore integrato hi-end LUXMAN L80

    Amplificatore integrato hi-end LUXMAN L80

    Ampli in condizioni perfette , gelosamente tenuto. riferimento audio per molti audiofili posso spedire ma possibile ritiro su roma con prova


    Ieri, 17:31

    350 €

  • Autoradio Blaupunkt San Diego mp27

    Autoradio Blaupunkt San Diego mp27

    Blaupunkt San Diego mp27 con lettore CD/Mp3, frontalino estraibile, vendo euro 50.


    Ieri, 17:07

    50 €

  • Compatto stereo

    Compatto stereo

    Marca Kenwood con lettore cassette, cd e radio. Telecomando. Come nuovo


    Ieri, 17:03

    70 €

  • PANASONIC NV-SV121EG-S Videorecorder Super VHS

    PANASONIC NV-SV121EG-S Videorecorder Super VHS

    Vendo Videorecorder Super VHS PANASONIC NV-SV121EG-S. Con telecomando, istruzioni e imballo originale. 70€ !


    Ieri, 16:58

    70 €

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