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Cd originali progressive rock e prog metal

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  • Pubblicato: 25 Marzo
  • Comune: Roma > Marconi / Colombo / Laurentino (Roma)
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I cd sono tutti originali e in condizioni eccellenti pari al nuovo come anche custodie e copertine tenute sempre in gran cura.
Sconti progressivi per acquisti multipli:
10% per più di 10 cd acquistati
15% per più di 20 cd acquistati
20% per più di 50 cd acquistati
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Cd 4€
Camel – Breathless
Dream Theater – Awake
Mike Oldfield – Voyager
Mike Oldfield – Discovery
Yes - Drama
Yes – The Ladder
Yes - Tormato

Cd 5€
Asia – Live Mockba 09-XI-90
Curved Air – Air Conditioning
Steve Hackett – Highly Strung
Marillion – B Sides Themselves
Marillion – Season End
Marillion – Holidays In Eden
Marillion - Brave
Marillion – This Strange Engine
Marillion – Afraid Of Sunlight
Marillion – Marillion.Com
Marillion – Marbles Live
Marillion – Less Is More
Queensryche – Empire
Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime
Queensryche – Promised Land
Tangerine Dream – Ricochet
Uriah Heep – Salisbury
Uriah Heep – Live 1973
Uriah Heep - Wonderworld
Uriah Heep – Return To Fantasy
Uriah Heep – High And Mighty
Uriah Heep – Firefly
John Wetton – Live In New York City 1997
Yes – The Yes Album
Yes – Fragile
Yes – Relayer
Yes – Going For The One
Yes – 90125

Cd 6€
Asia – Live In Koln (2 cd)
Asia – Silent Nation
David Bagsby – Transphoria
Barclay James Harvest – Bbc In Concert 1972
Black Bonzo – Lady Of The Light
Thomas Bodin – I AM
Camel – Moonmadness
Curved Air – Live
Don Caballero – What Burns Never Returns
Fish – Sunset On Empire
Fish – Field Of Crows
Steve Hackett – Voyage Of The Acolyte
Steve Hackett – Spectral Mornings
Steve Hackett – Darktown
Steve Hackett – Genesis Files (2 cd)
King Crimson – Earthbound
King Crimson – Usa
King Crimson – Discipline
King Crimson – Beat
King Crimson – Three Of A Perfect Pair
Lana Lane – Covers Collection
Les Claypool Frog’s Brigade – Live Frogs Set 1
Magellan – Imperding Ascension
Magellan – Test Of Wills
Marillion – The Thieving Magpie (2 cd)
Mars Volta – Frances The Mule
Neal Morse – Sola Scriptura
Spyrogira – Old Boot Wine
Strawbs – Just A Collection Of Antiques And Curios
Yes – Union (Nuovo Sigillato)

Cd 7€
Fish – Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors
Fish – 13th Star
The Flower Kings – Retropolis
The Flower Kings – The Rainmaker
Frost – Milliontown
Steve Hackett – To Watch The Storms
Kara – Kara
Lizard – Spam
Marillion – Somewhere Else
Marillion – Happiness Is The Road (Nuovo Sigillato 2 cd)
Moon Fog Prophet – Taunting Tin Bells Through The Mammal Void
Morphelia – Prognocircus
Pain Of Salvation – Entropia
Supersister – Present From Nancy / To The Highest Bidder
Symphony X – Twilight In Olympus
Symphony X – The Odyssey
Tangerine Dream – Atem

Cd 8€
Apocalypse – The Bridge Of Light
Ayreon – The Final Experiment (2 cd)
Ayreon – Actual Fantasy (cd+dvd)
Tony Banks – A Curious Feeling
Believe – Hope To See Another Day
Believe – This Bread Is Mine
Believe – Live At 1st Oskar Art Rock Festival
Cathedral – Stained Glass Stories
Cliffhanger – Not To Be Or Not To Be
Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (2 cd)
Dream Theater – Once In A Livetime (2 cd)
Dungen – Tio Bitar
Exodus – The Most Beautiful Day
Fish – Communion (2 cd)
Peter Gee – A Vision Of Angels
Shaun Guerin – The Epic Quality Of Life
Happy The Man – Crafty Hands
Bo Hansoon – The Lord Of The Rings
Indian Summer – Indian Summer
It Bites – Once Around The World
Jadis – Fanatic
Josh & Co Limited – Through These Eyes
Karfagen – Continium
Kino – Picture (cd+dvd)
Mangrove – Beyond Reality
Odin Dragonfly – Offerings
Mike Oldfield – The Complete (2 cd)
Mr.Gil – Skellig
Proto Kaw – Before Became After (2 cd)
Pure Reason Revolution – The Dark Third
The Reasoning – Dark Angel
Retroheads – Introspective
Raimundo Rodulfo – Mare Et Terra
Sandrose – Sandrose
Sbb – Pamiec
Spring – Spring
The Watch – Planed Earth?
John Wetton – Chasing The Dragon
Wetton / Downes – Icon 3
White Willow – Sacrament
White Willow – Storm Season

Cd 9€
Ageness – Rituals
Amarok – Mujer Luna
Anekdoten – A Time Of Day
Ayreon – Into The Electric Castle (2 cd)
Ayreon – The Human Equation (2 cd)
Cast – Nimbus
Deyss – Vision In The Dark
Discipline – Unfolded Like Staircase
Dragonfly – Dragonfly
Iconoclasta – Adolescencia Cronica
In Nomine – Mutatis Mutandis
Iq – Frequency
Isopoda – Acrostichon
Kbb – Live 2004
Marillion – Made Again (2 cd)
Midas – Beyond The Clear Air
No Names – No Names
Paatos – Kallocain
Paatos – Timeloss
Paatos – Silence Of Another Kind
Pendragon – The Masquerade Overture (2 cd)
Rpwl – God Has Failed
Rpwl – Trying To Kiss The Sun
Shingetsu – Live 25-26 July 1979
Skeem – Skeem
Solar Project – Force Majeure
Soniq Circus – Soniq Circus
Sylvan – Force Of Gravity
Taal – Skymind
Willowglass – Willowglass
Zenit – Surrender

Cd 10€
Steve Hackett – Live In Buenos Aires (2 cd)
Steve Hackett – Live Archive 04 (2 cd)
Iq – The Wake
Iq – Ever
Iq – Are You Sitting Confortably?
Marillion – Live From Loreley (2 cd)
Mostly Autumn – Passengers
Mostly Autumn – Heart Full Of Sky
Mostly Autumn – Glass Shadows
Steve Thorne – Emotional Creatures Part 2

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